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Robert Lopez

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  • Commercial and Residential Painting
  • Interior and Exterior Custom Painting
  • Color Scheme Consultation
  • Faux finishes
  • Custom finishes on Cabinets, Doors and Stair Casings
  • Acoustic Removal
  • Matching Texture
  • Base Boards, Casings and Crown Molding installation, Preparation and Finish
  • Use only the highest quality paints and coatings.
  • Great attention to detail which gives you the quality and professionalism you deserve.
  • References Available upon request

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Paint serves as not only a beauty luxury, but also as a protection against the sunlight and moisture to the raw surface.

Our Step-By-Step Process:

Step #1: Protect ALL the furniture, floors and all non-painted surfaces. 

Step #2: Prepare the surface that is going to be painted. This is the process where we spend more time on, to make sure that our work is going to last and look good. For example: we scrape off the loose paint, sand, prime and repair cracks in areas that will be painted. This process ensures you of the longest lasting paint job possible. If a project was not properly prepared, you will see it in less than one year, resulting in pealing, flaking, termites or your finish is going to lose it’s design.

Step #3: Then we move on to doing the desired color and or faux finish. I will work with you to choose the appropriate color and/or finish, and I like to offer free samples (3 interior and/or 3 exterior) so you can see the true colors on your walls. No more trips to the paint store, everything is at your home. We provide you with color schemes that you have in mind and can modify them where needed. We can adjust any shade to make it a deeper red, less red, darker blue, etc. We also work with interior designers!

Step #4:  We make sure there is a thorough inspection by site foreman during and after the project, followed by the owner, Robert, after project has been completed.